The fastest 15 seconds to ON/OFF the bag filter housing.

• ON/OFF in a fixed position, no need to round the filter housing to tight nut;
• With safety chain design, exhaust pressure to open the bag filter housing;
• Gravity balance auxiliary opening mechanism, the single finger can push up to any open angle can be opened;
• Vertical open cover, a plurality of compact can be parallel, saving installation space and cost of piping;
• With a special bag pressing ring fastening tools, simple operation and labor;
• Reduce the downtime to the shortest, promote productivity and reduce operating costs;
• Selection of high quality O type elastomer sealing ring, excellent sealing performance and sealing life time;
• The copper nut is designed, the thread is no longer with the thread, and the rotation is more time saving and labor saving;
• The liquid part is made of pure stainless steel and 316, excellent corrosion resistance and durability;
• Three bags, four bags, five bags, six bags, eight bags, twelve bags, seventeen bags, twenty-three bags;
• Convenient design and installation.

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