Cement industry

In recent years, the production of the cement industry has undergone tremendous changes. This change has just begun, and more changes will take place in the next few years. As a major exporter of cement in the world, my country still plans to continuously increase its cement production, and with its firm determination to accelerate economic growth, it promotes the upgrading of production equipment and the completion and commissioning of new cement plants.


All these new projects have given great attention to modern filtration technology. This is not only due to the existence of environmental protection regulations that have been promulgated and more and more stringent related standards, but also based on the consideration of product recycling. In the highly competitive cement industry, it is impossible for any factory to sit back and watch a large number of finished cement products being blown into the air. Therefore, high-quality and high-efficiency filter bags have become an indispensable factor in the cement production process.


 In the good development situation of the cement industry, Wuxi Terui is a good partner. In addition to providing filtration products with stable quality and performance, we also provide customers with comprehensive professional consulting services. Wuxi Terui recommends ideal filtration products for every customer at home and abroad. Whether it is used in coal mills, raw meal mills, cement kilns or cement mills, our professionalism and sense of responsibility are worthy of your trust!

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