Steel industry

Dust removal in the iron and steel industry: it can be divided into primary dust removal, that is, the dust removal of exhaust gas emitted during the steel production process, and secondary dust removal, that is, the dust removal of exhaust gas generated in the entire steel production workshop.


The polyester filter material produced by Wuxi Terui has been properly surface treated according to the characteristics of the exhaust dust. Practice has proved that the filter material after suitable surface treatment can efficiently filter various dusts.


In many cases, the dust viscosity is very high, and the filter material impregnated with PTFE can receive good results. After treatment, the filter material has the function of oil and water resistance, which can improve the cleanliness of the filter material and make it possible to clean the filter material by low-pressure back-blowing.


According to different processes and requirements, SI and MPS ultra-fine fibers can also be processed. This product has a great advantage in the case of high dust flammability.

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