Flat Cell Filter

1. Pleated filter media and compact design
2. Good bursting strength
3. High proformance cartridge filters and have efficient filter media
4. Easily to install and remove
5. Washable
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Our company can offers high efficiency flat cell filter, engineered to provide higher initial efficiencies and better overall performance customers can rely on. Our filters are designed for general-air filtration applications with light to medium dust-loading conditions up to systems where a higher degree of clean air is required. Our panel filters are made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, contain superior filter media, and come with built-in handles for easier maintenance.

The modern compact design is useful in many plants and filtration jobs. We can manufacture flat filters with high flute heights. The construction of the thin filter secures efficient filter qualities with even a low pressure.

Application : 



Food & Beverages


Powder coating

Laser cutting

Sand blasting



Welding and casting

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