For Dust Collect filter cartridge, we have many kinds of material, such as Polyester, polyester with PTFE membrane, antistatic, Nomex PPS high temperature, Cellulose and so on. 

First of all, should consider whether the dust is combustible or flammable. If it is flammable dust, combustible dust, you should consider the use of flame retardant and fireproof material dust filter cartridge, or the use of anti-static treatment of the filter cartridge to prevent electrostatic sparks caused by the explosion. If necessary, a spark collecting device should be added at the inlet of the dust collector filters.

Secondshould consider the wet of working conditionIf wet is highit is easy to cause dust to adhere to the surface of the filter cartridge, then you can consider the choice of waterproof filter material.

Thirdly, should consider the nature of the dust, If the dust contains oil components, you can consider the use of anti-oil and anti-pollution prevention series filter material made of the filter cartridge, if it is heavy metal, silica and other harmful to human health to human health dust, you must choose PTFE coated filter material or imported filter material, if necessary, you need to increase the security filter.

Fourth, should consider dust concentration and filtration wind speed, If the concentration of dust inlet is very low and the filter wind speed is also low (such as atmospheric dust removal, welding smoke treatment, etc.), can be considered to increase the filtration area and improve the flow of a single filter cartridge. If the dust concentration is too high, consider adding a pre-filter device to reduce the impact on the filter cartridge.

But last, should consider working temperature, polyester fiber filter material working temperature is less than 135 degrees, but the continuous working temperature from 100 degrees to 135 degrees.


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