1: Mounting(Fixing)The polypropylene holder provided enables the filter to stand up right and adapt positions on the floor. It is not designed for withstanding any torque force caused by opening or closing the cover. In most cases, the filter is connected and fixed on the pipeline or installed on the stainless steel holder, and the pipeline itself or the stainless steel holder bears the torque force.

2: Leakage Prevention: The filter is sealed by the connection between the sealing ring and the sealing ring in the barrel cover. Do not over-tighten the cover as the gasket will miss the seal surface and cause liquid leakage.

3: Pipeline Connection: The pressure-proof level of the pipeline should be should be in accordance with the rated pressure-proof level of the filter.

4: Pressure Relief Valve: For the sake of safe operation, we emphasize that users must install pressure relief valves (which should be installed on the inlet pipes).

5: Gasket Seal(Sealing ring): For wear protection, the sealing ring isn’t installed in place at the factory. Please be sure to install the sealing ring before each use. In order to ensure the operation safety, please be sure to use genuine sealing rings only.



When using a new filter for the first time, be sure to flush the interior with clean hot water and dry it up by compressed air. 

For PP bag filter housing, we have two type of size for your reference.

TPF-102-050G   filter bag size : OD7''*32''.  plastic ring of FSI ring.

TPF-105-050G   filter bag size : OD6''*22''.  plastic ring of FSI ring.

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