Industrial dust removal

Mineral industryChemical IndustryFood processing/medicineAluminum industry
Cement industryPlastic industryMilk powder productionAluminum processi-ng

Cement kiln tail/raw mill

Paste PVC resinStain

Fluidized bed dry cl-eaning tower

Slag grinding/micro-ore grin-ding

PP plasticflour

Venturi jet dry clea-ning tower

Cement finished millPolyester plasticSugarAnode baking
Coal millDyes/PigmentsstarchAlumina conveying/unloading

Cement storage silo roof syst-em

paintDairy productsCarbon

Cement packaging system

TonercerealsAnode crushing ve-ntilation

Cement transportation system

Pneumatic conveying/packagingFood additivesLead Smelting
Lime/gypsum industryCoating BlenderProtein spray drying proc-essLead oxide/battery

Rotary kiln/mechanical shaft -kiln tail

Micro chemical dustPharmaceutical icingCopper smelting
Dryer systemPaint Mixing AgentOatmeal dryingZinc oxide/zinc sme-lting

Storage bin/conveying system

Spray desiccantAnimal vitaminsferroalloy
Energy industryother industryMetal industryAluminum industry

Coal-fired power plant

Titanium Dioxidesteel industryFerrosilicon furnace

Coal-fired power boiler

Silica fumeElectric arc furnaceCalcium carbide fu-rnace

Fly ash treatment system

Baking powder/bleaching powderBlast furnace pulverized c-oal injection systemSilicon metal furna-ce

Coal-fired boiler treatment s-ystem

Carbon black/white carbon blackSteelmaking secondary sm-oke and dustSilicomanganese all-oy
IncineratorGlass/FurnaceIron oxideDesulfurization fur-nace

Chemical/industrial hazardo-uswaste incineration

Boric acid/chemical fertilizer drying/fertiliz-erDry treatment of blast fur-nace gasInduction furnace

Municipal solid waste inciner-ation

Tires/Special RubberNon-ferrous metalsConverter

Medical waste incineration

Catalyst production and processing/coking
Cooling line

Soil/land regeneration

Plastic fiber/cellulose fiber
Sand processing

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